Prima: Art Basics {Heavy Gesso -White}

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White, opaque, matte, ground acrylic. Quick-drying paint and primer. Works well for a variety of color products providing a permanent, smooth, chalky background. Will mix with pigments, or acrylic paints, to create a range of customized, colored grounds. Water-based. Archival safe.

- Gesso is a great primer on most surfaces: including canvas, wood, paper, metal, chipboard, fabric, plastic, etc.
- It is great for covering and preparing a background for art mediums: it neutralizes colors on previously painted surfaces to provide a new painting base.
- It is permanent, semi-resistant, flexible after drying – it provides a non-soaking, workable surface with a nice tooth for applying colored mediums on the top.
- Works good with stencils, texture tools and palette knives to add texture and pattern to your projects.
- As Gesso will provide a slight resist to non-permanent color products you can get a full range of interesting art effect when used with stencils, inks, sprays and water based paints.
- White Heavy Gesso is great for mixing with acrylic paint to create a white-washed, colored gesso.

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