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Alison Bomber has been selected as one of the Fodder School teachers for 2023/24. If you’re not familiar with the term “Collage Fodder “ it simply means anything and everything that an artist could use to create mixed media and collage art; from found objects to vintage ephemera to hand painted collage papers and fabrics. It all counts as 'fodder' for creating with.

The annual free event #fodderchallenge starts on July 10th, with each of the 12 teachers offering a free taster class so you can explore their creative style. Access to the free video sessions will be available until August 5th 2023. There is also a Facebook Group “Fodder Challenge 2023.” Last year, 10,000 artists participated in the free Fodder Challenge.

The Fodder Challenge is a 'try before you buy' concept to encourage people to sign up for the annual Fodder School Program, where each teacher has a month to share their ideas around creating collage fodder over 3 weeks, culminating with a final project in the final week incorporating the newly made fodder.

Alison will be promoting her stamp set created exclusively for Fodder School 3, and sharing how she works with fresco paint sets she has curated to create backgrounds, berries and botanicals. It is not required for fodder school students to buy these products (they are actively encouraged to work with what they have on hand), but no doubt there will be some interest in both fresco paints and the stamp set, and Alison's line of stamps.

We are not sure if this interest will be immediate, on the back for the free fodder challenge, or if it will follow next year when Alison is teaching. We have requested that all Fodder School literature for students wishing to source Alison's products points to PaperArtsy stockists.  

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