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E³ {Tracy Scott}

All Tracy's stamps are presented in a hanging bag, with a laminated index sheet. Our individually, closely and beautifully machine-trimmed stamps 'cling' to the shiny laminated storage sheet. We prefer EZ mount because the cling is great, and the foam density/ memory is perfect for our red rubber stamps.

In 2018, Tracy has a beautiful assortment of stamps, some retro, some doodled, and some bold. This reflects her wide ranging ability to go with the flow, and explore shape and form with ease. She loves to make canvases, but is equally comfortable working in a journal. These stamps are designed as a stepping stone to help you embrace doodling, sketching and more as you create too.

Tracy Scott Sets (A5, half sheet), trimmed onto cling foam 5" x 6.5" (13cm x 16.5cm) RRP £17.08 +VAT

Regular 6.5" x7" (16cm x 18cm) RRP £4.60 +VAT

Boxed Fresco Chalk Paints: 4 colours, designed by Tracy in a clear box  RRP £13.00 +VAT
Open stock Fresco Chalk Paints RRP £3.30 +VAT
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